The Lavish Big Screen 2014 presents Golden Gang by Chicks on Speed, Trailer by Saskia Olde Wolbers, a live performance by film artists Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo, the debut of 100 Foot III artist’s 16mm film selection by Jim Hobbs and an interactive screening of Starvecrow by John Carver. 

This year’s line up also introduces a student submission competition New Moves, showcasing the best up and coming film and video talent in the UK.

Late into the night we have DJs and VJs- Phil Hartnol (Orbital), Don Letts, Cursor Miner, GO BANG!, Paul Burgess and the resident DJ Harry K

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Phil Hartnoll



Greg Pope and Lee Paterson



DJ Harry K


Don Letts

Latitude Festival 2013 

Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle 

by Marcus Coates Commissioned & produced by NOMAD.





curated by Louise Colbourne

Flood features work by Curious & Andrew Kotting, Mordant Music & Peter Greenaway, John Smith, Jayne Parker, Laure Prouvost, Jim Hobbs, Sidonie Zou-Zou Roberts, Andy Parker, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Nick Snelling, Louise Colbourne, Patrick Goddard, James Richards & Steve Reinke



Horizon, John Smith 




ROTHKO (live)

Rohtko – Rothko Chapel

The sound of Rothko is impossible to describe but we’ll give it a go - Huge pulsating webs of transcendent monolithic bass magic. What more do you need to know? 



Experimental Amateurs by Ian Helliwell

Experimental Amateurs is a 50 minute programme assembled by Ian Helliwell, of rarely seen shorts highlighting home-made experiments with image and sound, from the 1950s to the 2000s. .




Liquidator by Karel Doing

A project making innovative use of existing archive images of Willy Mullens silent film Haarlem (1922). image


Ruth Proctor 

Ruth Proctor is a London based artist who will be performing ‘Walk 3’ for the Big Screen in and around the woodland arena.



Unconcious Archives

James Holcombe presents LOMO

Hugh Melcalfe

Greg Pope will perform Cipher Screen: a live art piece using 2 prepared 16mm film projectors with black film loops and a live sound feed.




DJ Harry K (resident DJ)

HARRY K.’s DJ/VJ set includes an expansive and eclectic mix, intertwining past & present, modern & old.


Jim Hobbs presents 100 Foot II


The Space Between Karen Mirza and Brad Butler

16mm, colour, 12mins., sound by David Cunningham



Sounds From Beneath Mikhail Karikis and Uriel Orlow



'Technology - Transformation: Wonderwoman' Dara Birnbaum



Europe’s Inner Demons Patrick Goddard



Money Henry Hills



Don Letts DJ/VJ set




‘Do you love me like I love you’ Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard 

Screening one of the 14 new short films commissioned by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to accompany the comprehensive re-issue of the band’s influential catalogue. 2009-11 




The Big Screen & Film Gallery is curated and produced by Louise Colbourne

Highlights from 2012



Paul Burgess and Don Letts


Big Screen late at night


Zoe Brown installation in the Film Gallery

In The Woods at the Latitude Festival 2012 12th-15th July

The Big Screen and Film Gallery presents artist’s moving image, experimental film, live expanded cinema, VJs and DJs. The event culminates with a live DJ set from DON LETTS plus a selection of his film archive of Punk and Reggae footage on the Sunday evening.

Friday 13th: CUT UP collage, montage, re-mixed footage and alternative sound-tracks includes work by Jeff Keen, Ian Helliwell and Mordant Music. Plus live film performances by James Holcombe in the Film Galley. With a DJ/VJ set by David Wilson and resident DJ Harry K

Saturday 14th: OUT OF THIS WORLD  features a wide variety of artist’s film and video that contain abstract, surreal and other-worldly content to include Kilowatt Dynasty by Saskia Olde Wolbers. Followed by a live film/DJ set by Brooklyn based Dennis(DJ) Mcnany and Jim Hobbs.

Sunday 15th: BIG SCREEN SHEBEEN shows artist’s moving image works that include music and/or dance, featuring Tracey Emin, David Blandy, Graham Dolphin and a selection of inspired music promo’s to include Orbital’s The Box. DJ Don Letts.

Please scroll down for more detailed info and line-up so far.

Film Gallery Friday 13th July 2012

James Holcombe and Adam Asnan


A programme of works by artist James Holcombe performed collaboratively with artist Adam Asnan. The gallery space on site at the Latitudes festival will be transformed into an intimately immersive space where the works will use its potential to construct an encounter with both the works themselves and the artists enabling a critical debate and discussion to unfold in the informal spaces between events.

Selected by



Big Screen Friday 13th July 2012

Selected by Louise Colbourne

Keran James In Order of Appearance 2003 

 KAREN MIZRA AND BRAD BUTLER The Space Between, sound by David Cunningham

Henry Hills Money: 1985 

Paul Carr and Jenna Collins Yellowish 2012

David Blandy Enter the Barefoot Lone Pilgrim: Origins 2007

Jeff Keen Art War 1994 & Marvo Movie 1967 

People Like UsThe Doors of Perspection 2011

Tanja Goethe Resize 2011  

Laure Prouvost It Heat Hit 2009

Philip Hausmeier The Deal, 2010

Katy Dove October 2011 

Tim Riley and Georgina Elizey Man and Woman

CutUp   CutUp Film 2005

Vicki Thornton Orchestra of Anti-Matter 2007 

Graham Dolphin Drum Circle  2009 

Mordant Music Misinformation 2010

Malcolm Le Grice Berlin Horse 1970 

Ian Helliwell,  Slip Slide and Swallow Flies East

David Wilson VJ/DJ


DJ Harry K


Film Gallery Saturday 14th July 2012

Curated by Louise Colbourne

Jayne Parker Crystal Aquarium 1995 16mm (33 mins)

Zoë Brown

Oliver Bancroft  Apatura Iris 2011 

Nick Collins Dark Garden 2011

Vicki Thornton The Centre and the Circumference 2011 

SELECTION of work from SUPERNORMAL festival

BRIAN DUGGAN'The Measure' 19 mins 

LET ME FEEL YOUR FINGER FIRST (LMFYFF) Three Films 10 mins total

'Love Each Other Or Die' 23 mins

DANIEL DEVLIN 'In Coversation with Socrates' 10 mins and 'Conversation' 3 mins

Big Screen Saturday 14th July 2012

Curated by Louise Colbourne

Saskia Olde Wolbers Kilowatt Dynasty 2000 

Voice over Jean Lee, 6 min loop, Single Channel Video Projection

Sebastian Buerkner Tide, Blur Belt, Realm’s Pin, Album Matter & Triband

Animated Abstractionscurated by Kate Street

Animated Abstractions, Artist’s include: Oskar Fischinger, Harry Smith, Robert Breer, Katy Dove, Kakyoung Lee, Barry Murphy, Takashi Ishida, Ian Helliwell, Jonny Voss, Ed Tannenbaum.

Len Lye Color Box A, 1935 

Jeff Keen White Lite 1968  

Annie Whiles Not Yet 2012

Kate Street Mererid, 2011, sound by Mordant Music

Natalia Sturz 18w 2011

Jasper Goodall Five Deities 2012 

Luke Losey ‘I’

Toby Tatum The Subterranean

Emma Hart Chasing Animals 2010

Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne KellyThe Unnamable 2011 

Tim Simmons Out WestPhotography presentation 2012

Benedict Drew The Persuaders 2012

Semiconductor Black Rain 2009

Shelley Parker and Louise Colbourne Gleams and Radiance 2012



Dennis (DJ) McNany and Jim Hobbs will be teaming up to deliver a unique live performance of sound and film.  

Dennis (DJ) McNany


(AKA: Jee Day, Run Roc, Neutral Mute, SKISM NYC, AAAPe)

DJ Harry K

Film Gallery Sunday 15th July 2012

Black Sun

Rie Nakajima and Jim Hobbs

One Hundred Foot - selected by Jim Hobbs

One Hundred Foot is the concept behind a new gathering of international filmmakers’ and artists’ 16mm films.  As an industry standard, 100 feet of film (approximately 3 minutes) is the given length for a small spool of 16mm film.

Big Screen Sunday 15th July 2012

Curated by louise Colbourne and Paul Burgess

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard ‘Do you love me like I love you’ Jayne Parker Stationary Music 2001

Christian Odzuck Superleggera Fountains Of Fear 2011 

Graham Dolphin Star Spangled Banner Recurring 2007

People Like Us "Clean Your Room" 2011

Zoë Brown Dad 2007

Matt Hulse Sine Die 1994 

Jaye Ho 24 Million Or Sell Neverland

SQIUNT  Music videos in focus 

Luke Losey The Box 1996 

David Blandy What Is Soul  2002

Tracey Emin Riding For A Fall 1998

Paul Burgess

Screening of some of Burgess’ film archive footage of Punk and reggae, including rare footage of the Clash.

Don Letts


DJ Harry K


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